As people spend more time at home, they’ve decided to take on some “DIY” projects to make their living space a bit more comfortable. One of the most straightforward and significant projects you can tackle is painting a room. Outside of renovating or redecorating, there’s not much else that will make a room feel brand new like a fresh coat of paint. If you’re thinking about doing this, here are a couple of tips that can help you succeed.

Go for the good paint. Beyond deciding whether you’ll use latex-based or oil-based paint, it’s important to also decide what brand you’ll go with. While the pricier brands may seem like they’re not worth it, the fact is that you’ll probably spend less time painting, less time cleaning, and less time re-painting if you use high-quality paint. Another thing to think about is making sure you have the tools you need. Good brushes, a roller, a rolling pan, painter’s tape, and drop cloths are the bare essentials.

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