Why do most people rake the leaves on their lawn during the autumn? Well, for starters, having a lawn covered in dead, brown, moist leaves is typically not very visually appealing. In addition to that, however, is the fact that having a thick canopy of dead leaves can be murderous to your grass. Throughout autumn, the photosynthesis process is still very much in progress. That means that your grass needs sufficient sunlight and airflow, even if it doesn’t have that lustrous green glow like it did in the springtime.

If you have a minimal amount of leaf cover on your property, though, it may not be necessary to rake them up every year. In fact, some homeowners have had success in mulching the leaves on their property using a mulching lawnmower. This is significantly easier than raking, and some species of leaves can even be beneficial to grass when chopped into very tiny pieces.

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