Nearly all of us enjoy having a clean space to live, work, or play in. It’s a natural desire! And while cleanliness is an important part of good hygiene, you know that there are things that are invisible to the naked eye that can still make us sick, even in a clean home. That’s where disinfecting comes in. Adding a step of disinfecting to your routine of home cleaning is critical in killing all harmful viruses – not just the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

So while it may be particularly important during this pandemic, it’s also a good idea to routinely disinfect high traffic, commonly-touched areas in your home in any situation. This simple step can be done very quickly, and is made even easier by commonplace commercial disinfectant solutions like sanitizing wipes and disinfectant sprays. Taking a few minutes to run through the house to disinfect it can do a lot to help you stay healthy.

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