Child safety is of the utmost importance for any parent. With so many potential dangers within the home, it’s understandable that parents will do all they can to childproof their homes. The windows of a house can be extremely dangerous for children so, what are some methods for protecting youngsters from a fall from a window?

There are different options available depending on how much access you want your child to have. For example, if you wish to prevent your child from gaining any access to the window a good option is a window guard. This will usually have bars that extend across a window, preventing a child from accessing it. One point to note with window guards, however, is that each bar should not be spaced more than 4 inches apart, otherwise a child could get their head or another body part stuck. Although manufacturers should abide by strict safety standards, it’s still a good idea to check.

Window latches will stop a child from opening a window. Just be sure to choose a type that you as the parent can easily open if need be while at the same time making it impossible for a child to do so.

If you are looking to partially open the window you are childproofing then a window stop is a good option. These enable you to have a window open to a set width but make sure the opening is no more than 4 inches.

Yes, safety in the home is very important and these low-cost childproofing options will help to keep your child safe.

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